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Saadia Minhas
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The days are gone when defining a user experience was limited to the choice of designers. 设计师依靠自己的经验来设计产品. 在特征的选择上, 布局, 颜色, 主题和风格, the opinions of designers or senior stakeholders of the organizations were preferred.

时间已经改变了. The work of designers became easier and more meaningful when they started realizing the value of data in their jobs. 数据是设计过程的重要组成部分. 在一个组织面临激烈竞争的世界, designing a product without collecting and analyzing real data will rarely lead to success.

User-centered design (UCD) is an iterative design process in which designers focus on users and 他们的需求 in each phase of the process. The designers involve the users throughout the design process in order to develop a highly usable product for them.

Data can help you stick with the users-first approach while designing your products. 所以,重要的是要知道:
  • 为什么数据是设计过程的重要组成部分?
  • 如何收集数据?
  • 如何利用这些数据来改善用户体验?
If you know the answers, integrating data into your design process will become essential for you. Let's look at a few aspects of integrating data into your design process and how it can help.

1. 识别用户的需求

设计过程的第一步和最重要的一步是了解你的用户, 他们的需求, 目标, 开展用户研究的挑战和动机. 使用不同的方法进行用户研究,包括访谈, 调查问卷, 以及在真实环境中的观察. 这项研究的结果是用户角色和明确的需求.

When you are conducting user interviews, you are asking a few questions to the users. 他们给出的答案对你来说就是数据. 当用户回答问卷时, 你会得到与你的问题相关的数据. 当您在用户的真实环境中观察他们时, 你在收集他们的行为和挑战的数据.

您已经收集了有关用户的数据. 这些数据将帮助您创建有效的用户角色, 了解用户的目标, 以及他们要完成的任务来实现这些目标.

例如, you want to launch a site for online courses where you will provide your audience with different courses for enrollment. You need to know: what are the different roles for whom you need to provide the courses? 用户希望了解哪些领域? 他们将如何获得课程证书? 要知道这些答案, you will conduct a survey in your target industries and meet with real users and collect the required data. 这些数据将帮助您创建有效的用户角色.

2. 定义用户流

当需求清晰且用户类型确定时, 你作为一个用户体验设计师开始设计产品. 用户流定义了用户与产品的交互. Using the data produced by User personas including user segmentation, their 目标 and behaviors. It becomes easier to know how your users will interact when he/she is using your product and what path they will follow to complete the desired tasks.

Only through understanding your users' behaviors and motivations will you be able to create meaningful user flows.

例如, 为您的在线课程网站创建用户流, you need the following information: How the user will find courses on your site? 他们如何注册课程? 他们如何访问课程内容? 再一次, data is the only way to know answers to these questions and then use that data to define user flows that will help your users.

3. 提供个性化的体验

Based on data, you can provide a customized and personalized experience to your users. A personalized experience will give a special feeling to the user and help to increase his/her trust in your product. 例如, 网飞公司, YouTube and Facebook display the content that the user may want to see based on the data collected by his/her previous actions with these applications. 现在在这个数字世界, the data collected by smart devices can easily be used to define a personalized experience for the users.

提供个性化的体验 to your users in your online courses site, 您需要观察站点中用户的交互. You can use an analytics tool to collect information about: How a user is interacting with your site; What courses he is searching on your site; What pages he spends the most time on. You will collect this data and analyze it to provide your users a personalized experience.

4. 重新设计体验

Redesigning and improving your older products is always a good practice to enhance user experience. One way is to follow your own instincts and experience and then start redesigning. But this exercise will not benefit you if you are not doing what your users want. So, use the data from your product analytics reports and see how users are interacting with your product, 他们最常用的功能是什么, 哪些功能没有被使用, 用户在哪里花费了大部分时间, 用户在哪里停止使用你的产品, 等. Visualizing and analyzing this data will give you a real picture of what users want to see in your product and will help you make better design decisions.

重新设计您的在线课程网站, you will use an analytics tool and collect data about how your users are visiting your site? 最常用的功能是什么? 哪些页面很少被用户访问? 最受欢迎的课程是什么? 哪些课程用户注册但没有完成? This data will help you to make design decisions for revamping the experience of your site.


数据和设计需要整合在一起 为您的产品提供增强的用户体验. 基于数据的设计决策永远不会受到质疑. 您需要学习如何在不同的设计阶段收集数据, 如何可视化这些数据, and how to analyze the visualizations so that you can use these findings to finalize your design. 数据驱动的设计 validates the concept of a user-centric design approach that enforces the involvement of users throughout the design process.

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